Quality Assurance - ISO 9001

SYNTHESAR, S.A. has implemented and maintains a Total Quality Management System based on the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 Standards.

The activities that SYNTHESAR, S.A. considers according to the ISO 9001 quality standards are set out in our Quality Policy:

  • SYNTHESAR, S.A.'s Business is the Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Industrial Chemical Products.
  • Commitment to comply with our customers requirements and expectations as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Communicating to all the levels of our organisation the Quality criteria and targets.
  • Implementing  Quality Indicators, as well as monitoring  their progress of them, so  we can know products and the quality level required by our customers.
  • Ensuring that the working conditions are the  optimal ones  by chekcing  the risks that can occur in the processes by reducing them.
  • Developing ongoing training programs to improve the qualification of our staff, so involving them in the achievement of the quality targets.
  • Consolidate a continuous improvement process bearing in mind of all the activities carried out in the Company.
  • Encouraging a motivating environment to all Company' Staff.

The Management makes this policy accessible and available to all its customers, company'staff, suppliers and the public as well.

Synthesar Management, January 2017.

Safety & Environment

The conservation of the Nature is something we are always bearing in mind. Our premises meet the current regulations on waste control and reduction. The health and safety of our environment is our responsibility, so we are actively collaborating in preventing potential environmental risks.

The safety and the health of our environment is our liability.

Quality Control

SYNTHESAR, S.A. is formed by highly skilled personnel (graduates in chemical sciences and experts in their areas of knowledge) responsible for making developments of new products and the continuous improvement of the existing ones.

Innovation is the only way we know for giving specific and effective solutions to a changing society.

SYNTHESAR, S.A. has been equipped with the necessary means of analysis and control to ensure the compliance of our products with our customers' needs and expectations.

Ongoing improvement in the processes by offering the best technology level.


On the following link there is available a copy of our Quality Certificate for all those  who wish to consult them (you will need Adobe Acrobat):

Download Quality Certificate - Spanish / English Languages (PDF, 260 KB)


The REACh (Regulation EC1907/2006) is the new European legislation concerning the classification of substances and chemicals.

As chemical distributors and manufacturers of preparations and Intermediate Users, the impact of the REACh on SYNTHESAR, SA is limited.

SYNTHESAR, S.A. has received duly confirmation from its suppliers that they made ​​the pre-registration of the substances in their products, and they are proceeding with their registration within the periods specified by the REACh in order to keep on supplying them into the EU.

In the case that some of the products marketed by SYNTHESAR SA would contain substances that will not be registered by our suppliers, we will inform to our customers early enough so that they could take the actions they deem appropriate in compliance with the REACh.

The CLP (Regulation EC1272/2008) is the new European legislation on classification, labeling and packaging of substances and chemicals.